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Introducing the letters H, I, & J!

This almost feels like a certain children’s public television series where they have “the letter of the day” (clap clap) 😉 . All you moms and babysitting grandmas know what I’m talking about. Yes, I may have watched a little too much children’s programming during the time I babysit my grandkids. They get such fun out of it though I really can’t complain. 

Anyway, in all seriousness (who can be serious with bears like these?!), I have the next three letters ready for you in the Bear Alphabet series! I certainly hope you are enjoying this series. I know my four year old grandson will love seeing the “H” finally done (because, well, H stands for his name… and when you’re 4, the world revolves around you of course haha!!).

Letters H, I, & J
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