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What?! Four new letters?!

Alphabet Bears T, U, V & W

The bears just couldn’t keep the party to themselves and an extra one showed up to join the fun this week!! These are just about the cutest little guys & gals to stitch up, especially with the little bit of variety between each letter.  We are getting close to the end of this series, I really hope the bears have helped to bring a smile to your face 🙂

If the color schemes aren’t quite what you are looking for, I did a live video in my VIP Facebook group explaining the color groupings and how you can easily change the color tones from blues to pinks, or really anything, and still get great results. Be sure to check it out! 

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Q, R & S are finally here!

Q, R, S Bear Alphabet letters

These little cuties may be fashionably late, but they have arrived at the Bear Alphabet party! They must have been too busy getting into mischief to show up last Friday like they were supposed to 😉 (yes, I’m going with that haha!!) Regardless, I hope you are enjoying this series! As we get closer to the end of this alphabet, I’m finding that this is a great way to keep me motivated to keep digitizing, sewing, and not ignore my machines. I’m open to ideas on future series… some ideas may get used, or not, but it’s always great to hear other ideas and opinions on what you’d like to see here! Drop a comment on this post or in the VIP group if you have suggestions! 

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Movin’ Right Along, Here are N, O, & P!!

Only 10 more letters to go in the Freebie Bear Alphabet Series after these three. Say what?!? Who else is getting excited for the rest of the alphabet to be done? I know I am! And not because I’m getting burned out on them but because I can’t wait to start on the quilt I want to make with them. I will be honest though… in the past, alphabets or other large sets were never my favorite thing to digitize. In the early stages of an alphabet, sure, it was great. But then it turned into WORK (a four-letter word). However, by breaking this particular set up into workable chunks, it has kept the fun going and has not gotten overwhelming. I wish I would have discovered that trick years ago 😉 

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K, L, & M have joined the fun!

Free bear series letters K, L, & M

I hope you all are enjoying this series as much as I am! I am starting to get ideas on a quilt arrangement when they’re all done – that should be a lot of fun!! My mother in law wants to stitch one on a child’s jacket, which would also be super cute. What ideas do you have for these guys & gals? As always, these are only available at no cost for a limited time. So get yours now!

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Introducing the letters H, I, & J!

This almost feels like a certain children’s public television series where they have “the letter of the day” (clap clap) 😉 . All you moms and babysitting grandmas know what I’m talking about. Yes, I may have watched a little too much children’s programming during the time I babysit my grandkids. They get such fun out of it though I really can’t complain. 

Anyway, in all seriousness (who can be serious with bears like these?!), I have the next three letters ready for you in the Bear Alphabet series! I certainly hope you are enjoying this series. I know my four year old grandson will love seeing the “H” finally done (because, well, H stands for his name… and when you’re 4, the world revolves around you of course haha!!).

Letters H, I, & J
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Design Stash is coming back!

Hi there!

It has been a long time, but I am happy to announce that Design Stash is on it’s way back! I’m busy figuring out this new hosting and shopping platform, and I hope it will be well worth the wait for all of you! Shopping is easy to do simply by clicking the “shop” button located at the top of each page or by browsing through the categories listed in the right-hand column of each page. After your purchase, you will be emailed links to download your designs.

You will find the classic machine embroidery cross-stitch designs and maybe even find some that you hadn’t previously seen! My goal, as always, is to bring you the highest quality machine cross stitch designs.

I personally stitch every single design looking for ways to improve them and find fun ways to put them to use. No auto-digitizing is used here!

So pardon the “dust” (aka pages not quite finished yet), sit back with your favorite beverage, and be sure to sign up for our newsletter and  follow us on facebook!

We are also back at Oregon Patchworks Mall and are adding to our design inventory there!

If you ever have questions or design suggestions, please feel free to send me an email.