I’m new to machine cross stitch. How do I use these designs? 

First of all, you do not need any special kind of software to stitch these designs! Simply transfer the files to your embroidery machine the same way you would any other embroidery file that is appropriate for your brand of machine.

Secondly, you do not need to use any special type of fabric! In fact, I prefer to stitch the designs on a good quality cotton quilting fabric since I turn many of my designs into small quilted projects. I have stitched on knits, fleece, minky, terry cloth, organza, you name it. Be sure to stabilize and hoop your fabric well and use a new ball-point needle. Also, be sure to snip all the jump stitches in between color changes.

You can use your regular embroidery thread too – I use poly threads normally because that is my personal preference. If you want a more hand-done look then there are some wonderful cotton threads available (just make sure to clean out the throat area of the machine – cotton thread makes a lot of lint).


When will I be able to download my designs?

After your design order is completed, you will receive an email containing download links for all of the available formats for the design set(s) that you ordered. Simply click on the link in your email for the design format you need for your machine. **Please note, however, that there are expiration dates for the downloads. You will need to download your files before that date and save them to your computer.

Each download contains a zip file that you will need to unzip to a folder on your computer. Windows has a built-in feature to make this easy. Simply right-click on the downloaded zip file, and select “extract all”. Once the files are extracted, you will see the machine embroidery files as well as any color change or project documents. Most of these documents are in .pdf format so they are easy to view and print.


Other questions?

If you ever have any questions on how you can use cross stitch designs, please feel free to contact us.